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Welcome to my Party!!

Glad you found it - he he!

Go, Mummy, Go!!

Have a mousie on a stick!
or a catnip mimosa (only if you're over 21!)

Hey, here's Bandicoot as a magician and Dodad as an angel!
Great costumes guys!!

Watch that bat dance!!

Here is Freya as Little Red Riding Hood. Isn't she cute!

Welcome to my party The G's Spot Kitties and The CatNipper & The Rag Kids! It's nice to meet you!

Here is Scully as a scarry ghost, and Fox as a vampire with his wink-wink, Annie, as a witch!

Look at Spud as a scarecrow and Mercury as frankenstein!

Here are Annie's brofurs Ernie as a scarecrow and Ned as a flower!

Welcome to the party, and great costumes guys!

Here's another mummy - he can really cut a bandage too!!

Shake those bones!!

If you are a cat and would like to join my party, just e-mail me a picture of yourself in costume! (Please send the picture in .gif or .jpg format, and have the graphics be no more than 200 x 200 pixels at 72 dpi. Thank you!)

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