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Pics with the Actors

This page is under construction, and it's not up at this time. Sorry.

These are pictures of when I met different actors from "Alias Smith and Jones."

January 2006, Burbank, California, Hollywood collector's Show

Ben Murphy and me standing

Ben Murphy, my Mom, and me

Roger Davis, my Mom, and me

Roger Davis, me, and Ben Murphy standing

February 2006, Burbank, California - Book Signing

Ben Murphy taking off my Heyes hat! Ben, me, and Roger Davis

Ben Murphy holding my Heyes hat, me, and Roger Davis

Ben Murphy, me, and Roger laughing

Ben Murphy, me, and Roger Davis smiling for the camera

Ben Murphy, me, and Roger Davis kidding around

Ben talking with my Mom

Ben getting my Mom to smile

Monte Markham who guest starred on "Alias Smith and Jones" and me

February 2007, Burbank, California, Hollywood Collector's Show

Roger joking with my Mom and me

Roger got my Mom to cheer up!

February 2007, The Sportsman Lodge, Studio City, California

Me and Ben holding the 3 drawings I did for Ben of his dogs as a birthday gift.

Ben and I were answering questions from the other ladies there about the drawings.

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