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AS&J Graphic Design Work

Please give me credit if you use any of my images on your sites, and e-mail to let me know where they are - Thanks!


The "Psycho" house was really used in an episode of "Alias Smith & Jones," (Never Trust An Honest Man), and Vera Miles (who guest starred in "Alias Smith & Jones" - "The Posse That wouldn't Quit") really did play "Lila Crane" in "Psycho." I used Pete as Norman just because he's cute and has brown hair like Anthony Perkins. I picked Ben to play Sam Loomis since I wanted to use him in it, and he looks good in the suit. Susan Oliver played Marion since she was a bad character on AS&J. I picked Walter Brennan as "Mother" since he was disguised as a mother in an episode of AS&J!

Alias Smith & Jones Signs

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