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AS&J Videos Page 1

This is a new music video I made to remember Pete Duel (with stills and video). It's an upbeat video to celebrate his wonderful life, and the song is "Sweet, Sweet Smile" by the Carpenters since I love Pete's smile!

This is an upbeat music about Hannibal Heyes (with stills and video) called "Pete Duel in A Heyes Fest!" It has "Baby It's Me" by Petula Clark.

Here is a music video I made with Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes and Ben Murphy as Kid Curry in "Alias Smith and Jones" with music from the show at the end. It has video captures (stills) I made.

Here's a music video (with only video clips) for the holidays called "Faith and Helping Others" to the song "Desert Pete" by The Kingston Trio:

This is a comedy music Video (with only video clips) of Heyes and the Kid "What Do Heyes and the Kid Think About?" It's about how Heyes thinks about gambling, opening safes and coin tosses, and the Kid thinks about food and fast draws! It's to "Walking After Midnight" by Garth Brooks - Enjoy!!

This is a music video (stills and video) I made to remember Pete "A Wise Man." The song is "Those Who Are Wise" by The Kingston Trio.

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