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AS&J Videos Page 2

This is a new video to remember Pete Duel on his 41st anniversary in 2012 - "We Know Your Name, Pete..." The music is "Two-Ten Six Eighteen" by The Kingston Trio. It has video from "The Bold Ones: The Lawyers: Trial of a PFC" and clips from "Alias Smith and Jones."

Happy Halloween! Here's a Halloween video with vidcaps I made from the show, and it's supposed to put you in the Halloween mood and give you some surprises! This video has my sunset and cloud photographs, along with music by Mannheim Steamroller.

Click on the sign below to see a funny story I wrote, An AS&J Christmas, with photos and music that can be viewed year round, although it was made for Christmas:

An AS&J Christmas

Here is the audio of Pete and Ben on The Merv Griffin Show in 1971. I've added the transcript with the words to make it easier to understand.

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