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Always Purrpared!

Hi! I was a member of the Purr Scouts!!

Below are the badges I earned.

This is a Gambel's quail - they are very popular in Tucson, Arizona!

I like hiking in the Catalina mountains in Tucson, Arizona!

I watch a beautiful Arizona sunset at the end of a hike!

After earning 3 badges I became an Explorer Purr Scout!

I'm so honored!!

I got my Halloween Badge by going to the Purr Scouts Halloween Party in 1999!

This is what I wore!

I was in the Purr Scouts Webpage Contest!

This was my award!

I earned this Christmas badge by decorating a tree for the Purr Scout's Holiday Wish Forest!

You can see the tree I decorated on my Christmas Memories page!

This is the Valentine Designer badge I received for designing a Valentine's card!

Visit Sunshine's Valentine page to see the card!

This is my Adopt-a-Grandkitty badge!

I received this badge fur interacting with a Grandkitty from CLAW's Older Cats Society!

Here is my Earth Day badge!

I designed this banner for the badge. Click the banner to see the Purr Scouts Earth Day page!

Prowling Sunshine's Site

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Animated leaf graphic, background, and photos by Linda Bennett. Other graphics by The Animation Factory, Purr Scouts designers, and the banner is by Purr Scout Sir Walley.

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