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Sunshine's Saved

Hi. This is the story of how I was rescued from life on the streets - and how I found my Meowmie.

It was November 29, 1998, and I had been living on my own since I was born, almost 3 months now. I didn't like being alone because it was hard to find food - and it was dangerous! So, I climbed up a tree and got on top of this large thing (my Meowmie calls it a "storage shed") trying to get some food. I enjoyed climbing up here, but I couldn't get any food - and worse, I couldn't get back down!

I started yelling for help and saw a woman with a dog (oh no!), but the woman didn't see me (either did the dog, luckily!). Well, I was up here almost all day until finally the woman with the dog returned. She put the dog in her house (whew!) and started looking around (I guess she heard me yelling), but she couldn't find me. She left, and in a few minutes came back with two more people. One of the people saw me, and another (very tall) person got me down - saved at last!

Then, the person who had seen me took me from the tall person. She carried me, but I was scared - so I jumped out of her arms. But, she looked like such a nice person that I didn't run away - I just stared at her. Finally, I let her pick me up again. Then, the woman with the dog started talking to her and said if she didn't want me, the manager would call the pound; but, the lady said she would take care of me (and be my Meowmie) - I was never so relieved!

Well, my new Meowmie took me into her parents house (they owned the storage shed I was on top of), and she gave me some milk - it tasted soooo good! Then, the woman with the dog came over and brought me some cat food. I was so hungry that I ate the food and milk for 15 minutes without stopping! I heard my new grandpaw say he hated to see anything be as hungry as I was. It felt so good to get a good meal for a change - I hadn't eaten for a long time and was just skin and bones!

After I finished eating, my Meowmie took me to another house - her house! It was really pretty and "warm". It had everything - even an indoor bathroom. This was going to be great!

In a little while, my Meowmie washed my hair (there was grease on my head - I guess you could say I had really greasy hair). I didn't like getting my hair washed, but I did like being clean. Afterwards, I curled up on my Meowmie's lap - it felt so soft.

Well, I wouldn't have to worry about being alone anymore. I finally had a home - and a Meowmie!

Sunshine's Shots

This is an experience that will always be in my mind - my first shots!

I remember it well. It was Sunday, December 7, 1998, and I got my first ride in a "car"! My grandpaw drove while my Meowmie held me in her lap. I really enjoyed the ride to this new place (my Meowmie called it Petsmart).

When we got there, we had to wait in a line. I saw a lot of children there that could have been my relatives, but there were also children there who made really loud noises (barks), that I didn't even want to be related to (let alone be near)!

We didn't have to wait very long (although it could have been longer for me - I wasn't in any hurry)! A lady looked at my teeth and told my Meowmie that I was 3 months old (gee, I didn't even know it)! Then another lady, that I personally do not like very much, gave me "shots" - ouch! Then we left - yeah!

Well, you'd better believe I let my Meowmie know just how I felt about getting those shots - I yelled all the way home (it won't be too soon before I ride in a car again)! But, my Meowmie told me that I needed to get shots so I wouldn't get sick (or even die!) - so I guess it was all right that I got the shots (although I wish there was a less painful way to do it)!

I was just beginning to forget the "shot incident" when, out of the blue, I was riding in the "car" again to get more shots - I couldn't believe it! My Meowmie said I needed to get a series of shots before they took effect. Well, I didn't like this at all - but what could I do? Complain - that's what I did, but you know where that got me? In jail - well it seemed like jail to me. Actually, it was a cat carrier, with what looked like "bars" on it; but, it did have nice furnishings - a pillow to lay on, and toys!

I went a few more times, and finally "finished" my shots the next month - yeah! However, I think I heard the "shot" lady tell my Meowmie that I had to come back next year. Well, at least I had a whole year to wait before I had to go in the "car" again, or so I thought - read on!

Sunshine's Spayed

It was April 19, 1999, only 3 months since I had ridden in the "car", and here I was being put in it again (and I had to ride in the "jail" box again, too)! But, this wasn't right - it hadn't been a year yet. What was going on? Well, you won't believe what happened to me this time.

I arrived at a different place this time - a clinic. I had to wait in the waiting room (I guess that's why they call it that!), and the next thing I knew - I was being taken from my Meowmie by people dressed in white (I've heard about these places)!

I was given another "shot" and, the next thing I knew, I woke up and was really groggy. My Meowmie came and got me (yeah!) and took me home. I felt really tired when I got home, but I still tried working out (you can't keep a good kitten down)! However, I had trouble jumping for some reason. I guess I'd have to take it easy for awhile, even though it meant getting out of shape!

I found out later what happened to me - I had gotten spayed. My Meowmie said it was a good thing to do so I wouldn't have any unwanted children when I grew up. I'm glad I had it done - I wouldn't want any children I couldn't take care of. They could wind up in the streets and get abused, or end up in the pound (and not get adopted)! That would be awful!

All this makes me so glad I found a "Meowmie" - I was one of the lucky ones!

Note from Sunshine's Meowmie:

There are so many stray cats out there that need our help - and love. If you want a loving pet, then please adopt a stray! If you don't find a stray (like I did), visit you local animal shelter, Humane Society, or Petsmart and find out how to adopt a stray cat. It will be glad that you did!

{If you do find a stray and decide to keep it, please get all it's shots (they don't cost much at places like Petsmart), and get it spayed/neutered also. Thank you.}


This was Sunshine at 9 1/2 yrs. old. Here is a video of her drinking from a glass with her arm!

(See other videos of me on my Sunshine's Sports page, and on my Home page!)

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