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My Day

This is what I do on a normal day (holidays excepted).

Stretch it!In the morning I like to do some stretching exercises to limber up.

Really stretch it! Sometimes I get a little carried away!

I believe in cleanliness!Afterwards, I cool down by showering off.

I Shop till I drop!I usually go to the store every day. I don't buy anything, but I just love window shopping!

Ahhhh!Now it's time to take a cat nap.

I like falling asleep with a good book!I believe education is important, so in the evening you'll always find me studying something new. Sometimes I get pretty worn out!

After studying I like to watch TV.  I'm an ottoman potato!

I love TV!  I really get into the shows!

Here I come!I spend the rest of the evening playing with my Meowmie (she needs the exercise)! Here we're playing hide and seek. Lets see - 1, 2, 3 ...

Yawwwnnn!Well, I guess I should call it a night - what do you think!

Counting mice!Sleep - at last! Snoooore.

Did you see the hidden messages in the pictures? You didn't? Well then, go back and put your cursor on the pictures. It's easy - really!

Well, that's my day - hope you found it stimulating (I know I did)!

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